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RF (radio frequency) emissions are all around us, constantly carrying data and information. Whether it's a NOAA weather station, your local police department, or other radio users, being able to pull information about our surroundings from out of thin air is an extremely underrated ability.


This kit is an expansion on our SDR Starter Kit, and is perfect for anyone looking to dive a little deeper into Software Defined Radio and its uses. It contains three different antennas: a VHF/UHF whip, a sturdy magnetic mount antenna, and a folding UHF Yagi-Uda. While the two whip antennas are omnidirectional, the Yagi is directional, meaning it has a higher gain towards the front of the antenna. This makes it an ideal choice for both direction finding and directional communications, should you choose to hook it up to a tranciever.


These three antennas combined with our custom Molle compatable SDR case, BNC adapters, and USB OTG cable make this kit the perfect choice for anyone wanting a starting point into signals intellegence (SIGINT), SDR, or direction finding.


This kit contains:

  • RTL-SDR V3
  • Custom Molle compatible case
  • 4x BNC to SMA adapters
  • USB OTG cable (micro or type C)
  • Nagoya NA-771 whip antenna (SMA-M)
  • UHF/VHF magnetic base antenna
  • Folding UHF Yagi-Uda antenna
  • 1' UHF-M to SMA-F cable 


This pre-order will last until October 26th, with a lead time of 3-5 weeks once the pre-order has closed. Please note, anything ordered along with this pre-order will ship at the same time as the pre-order, even if it is an in-stock item. If you would like to receive that item sooner, please order it seperately.

SDR Advanced Kit (Pre-order)

SKU: 69421