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SDR-STK Batch 2 Updates

SDR-STK Shipping Updates


Shipment for the second batch of SDR-STK's has been moved to the week of June 12th. Assembly is simply taking much longer than originally expected, as we are still doing all of it in-house. We're working on a few ways to improve our in-house production methods, as well as outsourcing what we can for the future. Rest assured, every single SDR-STK will be shipped out.

We're also working on an updated PCB that will allow the SDR-STK to be used for passive radar applications. If you already have an SDR-STK, you'll simply be able to buy the new PCB and swap it out with the one currently in your SDR. Everyone who already bought an SDR-STK will be eligible for a 10% discount for any upgraded parts.

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